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Mary Nelson Youth Center’s Founder to Receive World Peace Medallion at The Club Mumbai Event

In a momentous event set to unite purpose-driven women worldwide, the Founder of the Mary Nelson Youth Center is poised to be honored with the prestigious World Peace Medallion. Scheduled for April 6th, 2024, at The Club Mumbai in India, this ceremony promises to be a celebration of triumphs and a testament to global solidarity.

Expressing gratitude for the outpouring of love and compassion received from around the world, the Founder eagerly anticipates accepting the World Peace Medallion. The event will feature a pre-recorded acceptance speech, allowing esteemed guests from diverse corners of the globe to share in this significant moment.

This recognition underscores the commitment of the Mary Nelson Youth Center to fostering peace and empowerment on a global scale. Through initiatives like this collaboration with the World Peace & Diplomacy Organisation, the Center continues to empower young peacemakers and diplomats, contributing to a brighter and more harmonious future for all.

As the Founder prepares to receive the World Peace Medallion, the Mary Nelson Youth Center extends its heartfelt appreciation to supporters and collaborators worldwide. Together, they exemplify the spirit of unity and compassion that is essential for building a more peaceful world.

Mary Nelson

Hometown hero, visionary, and caregiver, Mary Nelson is dedicated to providing services to at-risk greater-Syracuse area youth to unleash their unlocked potential. From mentorships to financial assistance programs, Mary has built an empire of “helpers” to step in for the challenging moments in our children’s lives.